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Massage Asia Beauty

Massage Asia Beauty Tashkent

Tashkent Asia Beauty

Tashkent Massage

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Asia Beauty

Massage ŤAsia Beautyť

Stone massage

Philosophy of stone therapy proceeds from Tibet and based on unique massage technique with the help of witch the power centers of a human body are stimulated.

Chinese oil massage with deep relax

All body is massaged with use special aroma oils Structure of aromatic massage oil includes oil of sweet almond ,oil of jojoba, oil of macadamia, attar of blue camomile, attar of lavender and vitamin E.

Tandem royal massage in four hands

The massage will be carried out by two masseurs simultaneously with the purpose of economy the time of massage procedure. At the expense of which is reached deep relaxation, removal of muscles paint, deducing of a superfluous liquid, restoration of elasticity of skin. The procedure consists of massage of whole body and foot massage.

Can massage

Can massage renders powerful influence on of vessels and skin. Also in a zone of can vacuum are formed biologically active substances enzymes witch stimulating exchange reactions

Address:  Tashkent city , Usman Nasir street, 61
Telephone: (+99871) 2559299, 2533532, (+99897) 4321066
Working time: from 11:00 a.m  till 23:00 p.m

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