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Samarkand is the second largest city of Uzbekistan and is of the same age as Rome, Athens and Babylon - more than 2500 years old. Ancient Arab manuscripts refer to it as the "Gem of the East".
The world famous unique architectural monuments of Samarkand rank with the masterpieces of India, Egypt and Italy. One of them is Gur-Emir, the mausoleum of the Timurides, crowned with a large tiles cupola. Here lie the bodies of Timur and his grandson Ulughbek - a prominent scientist and astronomer. Other attractions include the Shakhi-Zinda ensemble, which is unique in its decoration, and the Registan, the central square of ancient Samarkand, which is surronded on three sides by magnificent buildings: the Ulughbek, Shir-Dor, and Tillya-Kari medressehs.
The silhouette of ancient Samarkand surrounded by snow-covered mountains is very beautiful.
Famous scientists and poets of the East - Ulughbek, Navoi, Jami, Rudaki - lived and worked in the ancient town. Part of the giant sextant of Ulughbek's observatory has been preserved to the present day and his astronomical tables are in use all over the world.
It is worthwhile to cover thousands of kilometers to see the blue cupolas of ancient Samarkand!

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