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Uzbekistan Hotels

Tashkent Palace Hotel
Tashkent Palace Hotel
Buyuk Turon Str.,
Tashkent City
Star: * * * *
Asia Tashkent Hotel
Asia Tashkent Hotel
Usman Nosir Str.
Tashkent City
Star: * * * *
Bussines Center
Bussines Center
Tashkent City
Star: * * * *

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Termez city |  Nukus city

FAQ Uzbekistan Hotels

Q:        How the Uzbekistan Hotels are compared with the international Standards?
A:        Uzbekistan hotels are as comfortable as any where in the world. Hygienic Standards are strictly maintained and Technical facilities are at par with good 4 star hotels.
Q:        Can the foreigners make payment in local currency?
A:        According to the Uzbek Law all the payments must be made in Local Currency. So always pay in Local Currency and do not forget to Check daily Official Exchange rate.
Q:        Is it legal to have massage in the Hotel?
A:        Yes Massage is legal and generally hotels have in house massage facilities, but customers should not forget that the prices charged by the hotel for massage and other services are much expensive than the market prices.
Q:        Mini Bar is Included in the Room Price?
A:        No. It is not Included but guests are advised not to use the mini bar (Our staff will assist you in purchase from bazaar and you will save money).
Q:        Do the Hotels have Taxi Service?
A:        Yes, But to save Money guests can use Telephone Directory which is available in Every Hotel so get the Taxi Number and Call.
Q:        Do the Hotels have International calls facility?
A:        Yes they have. In Uzbekistan International calls are expensive. Use telephone calling card You can buy calling card for 5000 Sums and it will save you 70% of the cost.
Q:        Do the hotels have WIFI or Internet Facility?
A:        WIFI is generally available in Hotels. In Lobby WIFI is free and in room visitor has to pay. Use Lobby.
Q:        Can the guests bring Female guests in the room?
A:        Bringing Female Guests in your Hotel room is not allowed unless you can prove that the female guest is only going to the room for some important purpose.
Generally guests have to be registered for 20 USD. (Negotiate)
Always make sure that the guests you are inviting in your room are known to you and they should register their passport at the Hotel reception.
This precaution is for your security and well being.
Q:        What is the Check in and Check out times?
A:        Every hotel has 14.00 Hours Check in and 12.00 Noon Check out Time. Some hotels allow late check out depending upon the availability of the room for important guests. Hotels charge half day till 18.00 hours and full day charges for check out after 18.00 Hours.
Q:    Why Hotel staff takes passport at the time of check in?
A:        According to the Uzbek Law every foreigner has to register with the nearest Police Station with in 72 Hours after arrival in Uzbekistan. Hotel take the passport for registration. 72 Hours does not include the holidays. Sunday and Monday.
Q:        Can the Guests use Swimming pool, fitness centre, and sauna free?
A:        Yes but before using check with the reception. Some hotels may have some restrictions.
Q:        Is it save to leave money and other valuables in the Hotel room?
A:        Uzbekistan is a country with very low crime. Hotels have safe in the room or at reception. It is always better to use caution.
Q:        What is the difference between Twin and double room?
A:        Twin room is with two separate beds while double is with one king size bed for two persons.
Q:        Do Uzbekistan Hotels have Casinos also?
A:        According to the laws of Uzbekistan Casinos are forbidden.

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