Uzbekistan Night Life

Beautiful girls perform breathtaking dances on Arabic, Indian, Turkish, Uzbek, Russian, English Music. Guests can have the opportunity of ordering dances on their favorite songs (Against additional payment) In every restaurant where we organize dinner we organize the show with more Indian dances.

Padishah Restaurant
Majeur Restaurant
Bahor Restaurant
Sim Sim Restaurant
Nur restaurant

Are some of the Restaurants with whom we work closely.
In Samarqand we work with Incante Restaurant and show Club.
In Tashkent Diplomat Disco Club, Niagara Disco Club, Juliana Disco Club, Opera Disco Club are some of the clubs where our Clients can have privileged Treatment.
Saunas and massage parlors:
In Uzbekistan there are hundreds of Massage and Sauna Parlors offering health, leisure facilities.

Uzbekistan Night Life some Facts: Uzbekistan was part of Ex Soviet Society and still the Liberal Culture of Soviet Union Survives in Tashkent after 18 Years of Independence. In Tashkent a visitor can find 100s of Restaurants offering Live Music and ballet shows during the dinners. Diners after the show can always order favorite songs and dance on the tune of the music. In Restaurant People freely take hard Drinks and no body would look down upon them but on the contrary would encourage and participate. As every where in Uzbekistan a visitor has to follow few norms and basic Facts. Uzbekistan is not a society or country offering free sex. Uzbekistan is a Muslim Country but very tolerant culture. In Uzbekistan families, Friends, Companies Staff, get together during the dinners and spend good time. Uzbekistan a Girl could be some Bodys sister, a Mother, a wife, or daughter. As every where so also in Uzbekistan some Girls work Illegally as sex workers. If the visitor would understand the above facts then he would have a problem free stay. Visitors can always go to night Clubs and sit with nice blondes, can have drinks & dance. Girls frequenting the clubs are pretty, Nice, and excellent Company.

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FAQ, Uzbekistan Night Life TIPS, GUIDE

Q:        What type of Night life opportunities are available in Uzbekistan and which are the spots for getting girls for Sex in Samarkand, Tashkent, and Bukhara??
A:        Uzbekistan has a wide variety of Night Life opportunities. Thousands of Restaurants offer Ballet shows during dinners where most Beautiful girls perform Breathtaking dances around the tables. See Uzbekistan Restaurants
Hundreds of Bars offer wide variety of drinks where a visitor can hang out to relax. See Uzbekistan bars
Many Clubs offer Karaoke, and companion services where a visitor can have good time in the company of beautiful girls. See Karaoke clubs
Bowling, Billiard, Clubs are open till late in the night. See bowling & Billiard Clubs
Hundreds of Disco or Night Clubs are open till early hours of the morning where crowd dance on the rhythm of Indian, Russian, English, Turkish, Arabic Music. See Disco Clubs
Some Clubs offer Striptease and pole dance opportunities. See Night Clubs
Hundreds of saunas and massage parlors are open through out the night Where a Visitor can find Girls for Sex. Though Prsotitution is illegal but many girls offer sex against payment in Saunas and look for their clients in The Night Clubs, Disco Clubs. See saunas, massage Parlors. As in Tashkent so in Samarkand, and Bukhara the Visitor should go to the Sauna and request Girls. Be careful: Some Sauna Staff can also Cheat You